Want to make a movie? SIGN HERE.

Want to make a movie? SIGN HERE - Cass a film by Hugh Schultze

I’m not sure if it was Darren Aronofsky or Steven Soderbergh who said “Filmmaking today is 90% paperwork.” And frankly, I don’t have the time this close to wrapping Cass to track the source down….

I’ll let the image above do most of the talking — this is the packet I received just yesterday. (In the past few weeks, there have been many more forms to fill out and checks to sign.)

Of course, this paperwork isn’t all about the “directing”; many of these documents technically fall under the role of Executive Producer. But on a low budget independent film, everyone is wearing multiple hats and putting money on the line: whether as a direct, personal investment of money (*gulp*) or an investment of their time and talent.

As I write this, sadly, Time is something we don’t have much of. But thankfully, for the past month, Talent is something we’ve seen in abundance.