The Miracle of the 1st AC

The Miracle of the 1st AC - Cass a film by Hugh Schultze

What I particularly like about this photo of our 1st Assistant Cameraman, Jeffrey Schultz, (he in the black shades on the far right) is the placement of his hands over Ron. Of course, the reason his hands are there are to block the sunlight from the monitor to help get the shot right — but for me it has the feel of a holy man giving some kind of blessing. “May your shot be in focus.  May it not be overexposed. May you never have a bogey walk into your shot.”


It perfectly captures the sense you get talking to Jeff: he is a quiet man who, like Ron, has a love of Arcane Knowledge — the inner workings of the camera and all things cinematic. If you listen close, you’ll hear him in low tones invoking F-stops, lens sizes and the names of various filters. There’s an air of medieval master in the monastic halls of cinematography.

We’re all counting on the camera department pulling off a few miracles and he’s just the guy to help make it happen.